Triumphant Return

Sorry for the delay in posts.  I was experiencing some technical issues however I do have some new pictures to post and to brag about a bit.  Again these are taken with my Celestron Nexstar 6SE using the NexImage Monochrome Burst camera.  Monday night Jupiter was at opposition.  Which is when the gas giant is at its closest pass to earth and when it is on the exact opposite side of the earth from the sun (hence the name).  In the pictures you can clearly see the big red spot in the lower left hand side of the planet.  This hurricane like storm has been going on for about 400 years when it was first observed, but it is likely much much older than that.  Although scientists say that it is showing signs of dissipating i have my doubts about that.  I think it is more likely waxing and waning in strength, but I don’t think it is going away.  Its been around for over 400 years and I just have my doubts that it will go anywhere.

I hope to get some great pictures in a few months of Saturn during its time in opposition. That should be later this year around the October/November time frame. I also just recently purchased a mount for my cell phone to get pictures through my telescope using it. I considered getting a DSLR and the mounting bracket for it but that was a decent amount of money I was not prepared to invest just yet. The reason I am not ready to go to that level yet is because when mounting a DSLR to the telescope the telescopic lense has be removed and the magnification eye pieces can’t be on the telescope. This means that the close up shots, like the ones above, wouldn’t be possible and I would only be able to get a very small view of the planet. There are ways to get it to work but due to my lack of experience in this area I just wasn’t ready to make that purchase. I am still considering it for a possible future purchase, but for now I want to see how the cellphone mount works out and what kind of images/videos I can get of the planets.

Also coming up in the next week is the close pass of Mercury and Mars in our early evening night sky. Given where I live there are a lot of pine trees I may not be able to get a good view or shot of it but I will try. Supposedly it will be possible to get both planets in the same view through a telescope. I hope that is accurate because it would be an amazing shot to get both the first and last inner planet in one shot. Anyway I hope anyone reading this is doing well and in the words of Dr. Tyson, “Keep looking up”.

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