The Moon and the Ringed Giant

So tonight (June 18th) the moon and saturn will appear to pass extremely close to one another.  Right atfter 10 PM tonight (local times assuming day light savings) the moon will be nearly full and to the upper left will be the ringed giant Saturn.  I think I will try and stay up late tonight […]

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Triumphant Return

Sorry for the delay in posts.  I was experiencing some technical issues however I do have some new pictures to post and to brag about a bit.  Again these are taken with my Celestron Nexstar 6SE using the NexImage Monochrome Burst camera.  Monday night Jupiter was at opposition.  Which is when the gas giant is […]

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Pale Blue Dot Revisited

During the Voyager 1 missions Dr. Carl Sagan, one of the people working with NASA on the project, made the suggestion that the Voyager 1 probe point its cameras back at Earth and take a picture of the planet from beyond the orbit of Neptune and on February 14th 1990 We received the most distant […]

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I suppose I should start with a simple intro as to who I am and what the direction of this blog is all about. I am not an astrophysicist or a professional astronomer. I am simple person working in the IT field who has a desperate and deep passion and love for everything space. I […]

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