The Moon and the Ringed Giant

So tonight (June 18th) the moon and saturn will appear to pass extremely close to one another.  Right atfter 10 PM tonight (local times assuming day light savings) the moon will be nearly full and to the upper left will be the ringed giant Saturn.  I think I will try and stay up late tonight and try to capture some pictures of the moon with Saturn, if I can manage it.  I also have a new astrophotography tool I want to try out so I will get out early and start testing it.  I purchased a cellphone mount from Celestron for my Celestron NexStar 6SE so that I can try taking photos and videos without having to use a special camera.  My reasoning behind this was that the camera I do have, NexImage Burst Monochrome, is great but the hard part is that i have to take my eye off the object, remove the eyepiece, place the camera in the telescope, and try to relocated the object in the camera view.  This is time consuming but being able to attach my cellphone to the telescope will make taking vides and pictures much easier.  I am still considering purchasing a DSLR or NexImage color camera for my telescope, but I wanted to go a cheaper route first before putting more money into it than I needed to.  Also something to keep in mind for tonights viewing that if you are using a higher power telescope, like an 8 inch or 12 inch, objects may tend to look like they are boiling or quiving because right now these planets are lower on the horizon so there is more air interfereing with the viewing.  Either way getting an extended look at the rings of Saturn is always a beautiful sight and always something fun to share with family and friends.  If you would like more information about this event follow the link below to the article from


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